Top Motor Refinance Options To Get You On The Road This Winter.

By | April 5, 2017

When you are buying a new car, before you look for a car finance deal you need to make sure you are buying the right car for you. Will it suit your needs for the length of your lease purchase deal, or will you suddenly find you have nowhere to put your new baby seat?

Thorough research is always the key when making a financial decision, and car finance – whether it is a lease purchase, car refinance or personal contract purchase (PCP) is no different. Look on the internet for advice guides, check out the latest book prices of cars, and look at forums where owners of the Audi or BMW you want discuss their experiences.

There are lots of advices guides on the web you can use when looking for a personal contract purchase deal (or lease purchase as it’s otherwise known). Make sure you look for the recommended price of the car you are looking for and make a note of important information such as manufacturers’ recalls.

You should also look for information about their processes. The process in which you will go through and how much money or time or effort you will need to go through before you actually get the quote. An application process should be very simple and should not require intrusive or excessive amounts of information at the initial stage just some basic information about yourself and the car you are buying or refinancing.

If you planning on buying a new car and do not want to go down the hire or lease purchase route you could always apply for car finance, or a car loan. With this option you will need to make a down payment, we tend to look at it as the deposit, and then you will pay monthly instalments to your loan company over a set number of years.

Hire purchase (or lease purchase as it is sometimes known) can now be done easily for personal use through Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). This is a great way to finance a new car. As will all car finance or refinance deals, make sure you get it all in writing before you commit.